The Zion Project©  is a method, a universal reproducible model created after years of observation and direct experience while promoting and teaching a different social and behavioral antropology aimed at dismantling the individual, thereby freeing him/her from old assumptions and stimulating him/her forward “Consciousness”, towards “independent” and “knowledgeable” thinking …

… and certainly much more.

It is a scientific approach to the discovery of Self. While you face yourself as a fluctuating and narrating ego, in trying to understand what is happening and who you are… you will find you changed.

Zion Project Communities | Let’s build the Network together

Zion Project is a social innovation project: the network of communities, companies and people based on a new economic, social and cultural model where the individual is at the centre. A model based on the values of autonomy, sharing with others, confidence in vision, respect for nature, esteem and return to personal talents.

That is our revolutionary idea where every network node feeds all the others and even more so it is constantly fed through a flow of informations, activities, educational moments and opportunities for growth.

A project aimed at those who have understood how powerful ideas and sharing are. Evolution of the concept of community itself.

Vision – We carefully observe the horizon before us: on the one hand, new production processes; on the other, the social impact of the ongoing technological development and innovation, climatic instability, global warming, pollution, overproduction of waste, migration of entire populations with increasing numbers of environmental refugees, unethical industrial development. We clearly see a future in which consuming is no longer  a synonym for destruction and in which “cultural” means “educational” as a synonym for growing.

Aim – We foster an evolutionary economic and cultural paradigm in which education becomes an effective instrument for individuals striving for regeneration of nature, common good and effective interactions with people, in the current everchanging environment and economic scenarios.

Awareness – This revolution will need someone being an example of it, experienced individuals, deeply interested in the future and in the transformation that is underway. There is the need for acquiring new informed principles, for changing mentality and giving significance to our attitudes and resources.

Action – Establishing conscious goals for our own life and remaining oriented towards them in harmony with both needs and mutations. Creating a center of gravity and improving our own life in every aspect.

Devotion – We put our heart, our energies and our best ideas at the service of those who choose to pursue this higher goal.

Direction – We trace new paths to turn potential into planning and design, intentions into actions, foresight dreams into trustworthy visions. The way is made of shared and universal values: all these qualities, together with our aptitude and willpower, they will lead to the courage to change.

Opportunity –  The extraordinary chance to evolve in order to establish long-lasting prosperity. A new way of thinking and moving around the world.

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Zion Project


Progetto Zion Communities | Let’s build the network together

The main goal of the project is education by teaching. We trust our model of development can give impulse to society moving towards a process of change. A multi-level education stretches from the individual to the various disciplines proposed.

The purpose is to create several Sun Villages. Not only services and products, or a momentary benefit, or socialization and exchange, but real learning  and experience capable of translating Zion model into facts, reproducing everywhere.

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Zion Association

The Zion Association is a nonprofit organization that promotes eco-sustainability, low environmental impact by responding to logic of innovation and social economy both in favor of associates and third parties.

The Association is responsible for building the first Village of the Sun located in Val Trebbia (PV) under the license of Rocco Bruno.