Why Zion Project | Industry 4.0

Why Zion Project | Industry 4.0

Rocco Bruno 24 Ottobre 2017 0 Comments

An unprecedented revolution is happening very quickly that will radically change all areas of society and change the world as we know it today.

However, change also carries with it a great deal of fear and uneasiness for most people who could see their jobs come to an end as innovation is normally associated with a greater use of machines and artificial intelligence. It is thought that the new industrial revolution will create job losses across the board and a higher number of people below the poverty threshold.

And here is where we come in! We strongly feel that we can help harmonise this transition, thus preventing the negative effects that would otherwise inevitably create great instability in the lives of people due to fear towards what is unknown and unfamiliar which often leads to rigidity, misery, aggression and even social unrest, as History has undoubtedly proven, so far.

So innovation can flourish and we can all rip the benefits of an improved quality of life. Our Project, all it stands for and all its numerous and diversified activities have been and are still aimed at preparing people to the world to come by getting them out of their comfort-zone, showing how communities can achieve food and energy self-sufficiency through environmentally-friendly techniques and sustainability, teaching and showing them how to change their crystallised mind-frames and attitudes.

For the last 3 years a team of associates, experts in different fields, and I have been researching, developing, promoting and fund-raising for what we call the Zion Project. Our focus is on showing in practical terms that a new social and cultural reality can be created in a geographical area, as a pilot project, but that it can be reproduced anywhere in the world regardless of place, race and/or culture – what many consider to be a utopian dream.

The goals of this project are many and multifaceted but they all originate from a central source: improving the quality of life and teaching others to do so by first-hand experience, by sharing knowledge, plans and discoveries, and by creating the right conditions for human development as a single being and as part of humanity as a whole.

it appears that your society shares our long-term all encompassing vision of what the world could be like if innovation is given free range and seen as an opportunity for human growth and evolution, especially in terms of quality and not just quantity for the few. Thus, joining forces, in whatever shape or form would be mutually beneficial.

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